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Following new government guidelines, we’ve launched our COVID-19 tracking system for hospitality: a digital way for venues to track and trace customers in the event of an outbreak.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up and DUSK will send you a PDF poster with a unique QR code to display in your venue.
  2. Customers can scan the QR code with their phone camera on arrival.
  3. This seamlessly takes them to a form where they securely add their contact details and consent to their data being used for COVID-19 tracking purposes.
  4. After registering, customers receive a one-off email on how to contact us following a positive test result.
  5. In the event of an outbreak – and only then – will we trace and contact all relevant customer via the NHS.

🚑 Safe
No pen and paper at the door.
Customers use their own devices, so no touch points or contamination.

🔒 Secure
No GDPR concerns or admin.
We store all data securely in encrypted form on AWS.

No need to download the app.
Customers can check-in with just two taps.

For more information, get in touch at covidtracking@dusk.app


Do customers have to download an app?
No, customers just fill out a fast online form – a simple two-tap process.

What information do you take from customers?
Full name, email and phone number.

How will I receive my QR code?
You’ll receive a PDF with the QR code on to display however you like – with premium you can customise and brand the PDF to your venue.

How do you securely store the data?
We use AWS to securely store consumer data. AWS is the most secure global data infrastructure, trusted by companies such as the BBC, Netflix & LinkedIn.

How do you send us the customer data?
We’ll store the information securely and send the consumer data directly to the NHS if we’re alerted to an outbreak.

How long will customer data be kept?
Data registers will be securely destroyed after 21 days. Customers can request at any time for their data to be deleted.

Can I use the customer data for marketing?
No, customer data will only be used to trace and contact in the event of an outbreak.

How much does it cost?
It’s a one-off fee of £150 + VAT / venue.